Choosing The Perfect Hairstyle For Curly Hair

Girls with naturally curly hair typically go through frizzy days as well as a couple of bad haircuts. You also probably tried straightening your hair using a flat iron or got a shorter than usual cut and ended up wishing you hadn’t. Having curly hair can be quite tricky, but with the right tips, style, and products, any girl can learn to love those curls.

There are a few tricks to getting a tremendous curly hairstyle. You can try wearing it short if you like, or get bangs. The secret to all these is choosing the perfect hairstyle.

Pick A Good Stylist

You’ll know a good stylist when you see that he or she understands what you want, but at the same time, understands your hair more. For someone who has curly hair, this can be challenging since not all hairstylists know how to handle curly hair.

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Long Over Short

While there may only be a few real rules in hair and beauty, curly hair usually tends to be less frizzy and behaves better when you allow it to grow longer. When you have longer hair, it weighs down your curls which results to less puffy hair.

Curly hair can still look great short. However, you have to get the cut right. The trick to make this hairstyle work is to thin out the hair and cut a lot of layers so that your head will not become like a big fluff ball.

Getting Some Bangs

A common misconception among girls with curly hair is that they won’t enjoy having bangs. Except for those who have super curly hair, almost any girl can get bangs. Although short curly bangs may not seem to up-to-date, you can try asking Hairdressers near Brunswick Victoria to cut in a bit of face-framing tendrils for small layers.

You may also want to avoid straightening your bangs and letting the rest of the hair curly. But you can always blow dry your bangs so it’ll look good with your curls.

Hairstyles Better On You

Women with curly hair will agree that some hairstyles look much better with curls than it does on other hair types. For instance, when you want a romantic updo, you probably would need to pile up your curls, pull it back, and up.

Another hairstyle that also looks very romantic and goes well with curly hair is the half-up, half down hairstyle. You can also try big and bouncy curls. However, you may need to use a large-barrelled curling iron to make it work.

You have to learn to love your curly hair and try to figure out the best style and ideal cut for your tresses. While some girls will fight it, wishing that they had straight and frizz-free hair, try to think of those women born with sleek straight hair but want curls. That is why embrace what you have, and it’ll look fabulous.