Different Types Of T-shirt Printing Techniques

Nowadays, there are a lot of extremely cute, lovely, eye-catching and unique designs that make your t-shirt more fashionable than ever before. This article will provide you a detailed information about different types of our T-Shirt garment painting methods in Birmingham.

Screen Printing Technique

This is one of the most preferred t-shirts printing methods because it gives you supreme quality and the printing process is faster when working on multiple items with a single design so it is a great option when you are working on a large project. This technique just requires you to create a template before painting. You can print your massive quantity of T-Shirts in multiple colors and designs. However, for small quantities, it will be a time-consuming and expensive with this method.

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Direct To Garment Technique

The second best printing technique that you can choose is Direct to Garment t-shirt printing method which is a relatively new technique in t-shirt printing industry. Comparing to screen printing technique, this method is a bit slower for mass productions and high initial investment. This printing technique is applied directly on the T-Shirts with full-color printing. It is low cost per item printing, however, the printer is quite expensive, and not a good at home printing option. This method can work best on both white garments and a darker t-shirt with some settings.

Sublimation Printing Technique

Sublimation works best on over and oversize printing with a galaxy print, repeat pattern. It is highly unique and capable of transforming the whole t-shirt into a great piece of art with unlimited use of styles, graphics, and colors. However, this method is just applied for garmement of 100% polyester only.

Vinyl Printing Technique

Vinyl printing employs a unique, soft clothing that is professionally cut using CAD cutter and other special software. The method allows you to print one-off designs and even longer runs, making it a great alternative for printing multiple garment types. Then you print this material onto your t-shirt using heat press method. Vinyl works well for the slogan, small graphics, and words without fading or cracking of the print. This method is less flexible than screen printing inks and the users have to learn about the software and hardware before using this machine.

To sum up, whether you choose any kind of T-Shirt printing methods, we will support and consult you to find a method that suits you from the above-memtioned techniques. For more information about Garment Printing Birmingham, please feel free to ask questions.