Prom Hairstyles Inspired By Celebrities

In Jovani we want you to look outstanding with any of our prom dresses designs, but we know the perfect way to compliment the dress is the perfect hairstyle, this is why we have analyzed the most glamorous looks that have been on the red carpet, and we have selected some of our favorites.  What can be worse than a hairstyle losing all its volume and fall flat at the start of the prom party? The solution to this problem is the discreet sprays to give volume that are carried in the bag. And now, get inspired with the most glamorous looks of celebrities. In we explain how to get them at home!

Prom Hairstyles: Amanda Seyfried

To make this hairstyle, your hair must move from the shoulders and be scaled. The step by step to get it: After washing your hair apply foam all over the hair and a heat protector. Make the line aside and tilt your head down to dry your hair until it is slightly damp so that you will get more volume. With a large round brush, pull each strand until it dries completely. Creates waves out by winding the ends of the hair around the round brush. To finish, put your hair over your shoulders and apply a little lacquer to keep your look intact.

Prom Hairstyles: Amber Heard

This is one of the most popular prom hairstyles. To do it you will need a long mane that has to surpass the shoulders. Let’s go there! Put lacquer on the tufts on the top of the head and intensely weave these strands. This will help you create a soft, silky cushion. Comb the hair from front to back, but forget the brush, do it with your fingers. Take two strands from each side of the temple and secure them with a bow tie at the back of the head. Pick up the rest of the hair in a high ponytail and, above all, try not to mess your hair a lot during the process. Lightly pile the pigtail and form a loop with it. Hold the ends of the hair with a rubber band and secure them with hairpins to the head. Finally, use a good dose of lacquer to ensure resistance!

You can also rely on technology advances as said on Times of India’s Forget frizzy hair with these tips & best hair care products, to increase this look even more.

Party hairstyles: Bella Thorne

To reproduce this look, the hair must go beyond the shoulders and be somewhat wavy. Do not worry if your hair is not curved, curling tongs can help you get some fantastic waves. This look works well with and without bangs. The hairstyle is effortless: After washing your hair, apply a heat shield. Dry your hair thoroughly with a blow dryer pulling on each strand with a round brush. If you’re going to wear this party hair without bangs, you can make your hairline. Divide several strands and roll the ends around curling tongs. Wait for the hair to warm up a little and remove the tongs. Take two strands of the same thickness from the front, one on each side, and roll them over once or twice. Pin them on each side with a cute pin before reaching the back of your head. To finish, you can apply a few drops of hair oil or a shine treatment to get a look with more glamor.

Prom hairstyles: Carey Mulligan

Pixie haircuts or Bob cuts are the ideal party hairstyles. To make this hairstyle, follow these steps: After washing your hair, apply a right amount of foam and dry your hair until it is a little wet. Then, comb everything back. While you continue drying, brush the hair on the sides so that it is well attached to your head. To get the full volume of this look on the top of the head, use a small round brush while drying it. Fix with a little gel the hair from the sides and use a little lacquer. A shine treatment will add the final touch.

Prom Hairstyles: Keira Knightley

This look is perfect for Bob haircuts a little long since the hair on top does not have to be scaled. This is the step by step: On the newly washed hair applies a heat shield. Then dry it with a blow dryer while pulling each strand with a round brush. Make the streak in your hair before you take the iron and gently slide the strand to strand. Take the hair from the sides, take it to the center of the neck and fix it with hairpins. Take the rest of the hair, roll it up to the neck and attach it with hidden hairpins. You can end up adding some hair jewel-like Keira’s.

Prom Hairstyles: Taylor Swift

To get your hairstyle, your wavy hair must pass from the shoulders. If you have straight hair, use a curling tong to wave it. The step by step: make the line to the side. Divide the front hair in two strands, wind each strand and take it on each side to the back of the head. Secure these strands under the hair on the top of the head with hidden hairpins. Pick up the rest of the hair at the side of the neck with a rubber band. Secure the strands crossed with forks. Lightly ruffle the tail with your fingers and apply a little lacquer at the same time. Vaporizes more lacquertoensurestrength.