What the World’s Leading Stylists Have to Say to Every Women

Dressing up is definitely a girl’s thing. It’s the way to express themselves on how they flaunt their outfits— from minimal to vivid color mixing to all over prints.

Whatever style you are in, or whatever fashion taste you have it’s a personal touch that barely describes you as a woman. Let’s cut off what some people say that the way you dress up best describes your lifestyle. No, you are not at all a walking price tag— neither you should be.

However, even with the fact that fashion and styling is a personal expression of yourself sometimes a girl’s styling techniques are overpowered by trends and unnecessary bling— which makes it awkward or worst makes you out of style.

Today, we will hear out from the leading fashion stylists Australia based the most common tips they always have for women like you. Let’s check this out!

Top Styling Tips

It may be better to be your own styling guide, but it still pays off to get a little inspiration and tips from the world’s best and leading fashion stylists Australia based.

Basically, not every styling guide you have works best for you— it’s just what you thought. Now, take a look at this tips to become better in how you style yourself the right way.

1 Rolled up sleeves

this never gets old. Rolling up long sleeves definitely add a dash of a stylish factor to your classic long sleeves or button down top. It also infuses comfort and coolness to your usual mundane stiff shirt. Check on your plaid or gingham check shirt the next time and roll up your sleeves to look more ultra-chic.

2 Shoulders draped

You can definitely flaunt your jackets and cardigans by not actually wearing them— you can just hang them draped on your shoulders. This is a really interesting style that portrays elegance and flamboyance.

3 Stripes over stripes

Stripes make every simple outfit looking extra chic. But it makes it more light and beautiful when you wear it in stripes over stripes way. Pair your blue and white stripes over stripes and see how it transforms your outfit into an effortlessly elegant look.

4 Unusual color combination

Going for color combinations sometimes scares most girls. For them, it is a risk especially if you are not following the color wheel— but forget the color wheel guide, you can just go for an unusual color combination that will definitely amuse a lot of fashion spectators. Go out and wear rust or Marsala with lavender or go for a baby blue top with yellow bottoms or pale blue with indigo or take out your plum top with mustard pants. It’s time to finally step out of the safe closet.

5 Mix basics with sequins

Sequins are not just reserved for night time outfits. You can also flaunt shimmery outfits during the day. Just follow the simple rule in pairing them with your super basic staples in neutral colors.

Final Thoughts

There you have it today’s fashion tips from the best fashion stylists in Australia.

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