7 Reasons Why the Exchanging Gifts on Diwali is Special

Introduction to Diwali and its significance

Every year on the month of Karthika in the Hindu calendar, the festival of joy and light – Diwali, is celebrated.  This joyous festival signifies the inevitable triumph of light over the darkness in our hearts and is held in great reverence.

Celebrating Diwali through gifts

The celebration of Diwali is always joyous. Reciprocating the joy of this eve, gifts are exchanged, treats are traded, and wishes are shared as people from everywhere put on their finest attire and celebrate the joy of this festival, you need only to stretch the boundaries of your imagination to get an idea for a Diwali gift. Here are some unique gifts to celebrate Diwali –

  • Dazzling gold color-sprayed roses to decorate your residence
  • Boxes of mouthwatering traditional sweets to tingle the palate
  • Healthy dose of dry fruits on a beautifully crafted thali
  • Auspicious idols of deities
  • Collection of goodies packaged in a gift basket-


7 Reasons why gifting is special on the eve of Diwali

Presenting a gift is one of the finest ways to express your inner thoughts and good wishes. This age-old notion is one of the prime highlights of this festival of joy and delight. Here are 7 reasons why gifting on the eve of Diwali is truly special-

  1. Signifies how special the receiver is to you

No matter how opulent the gifts are, presenting them is a fine way of showing how special the gift receiver is to you with fondness.

  1. Maximizes the joy of this wonderful festival

Diwali signifies the colors of joy in our hearts, and what finer expression of them than by an exchange of gifts to mirror that joy?

  1. Brings families, loved ones, and friends together

When a gift is given, a special bond is forged between you and receiver in fondness and delight, and subsequently bringing you and him or her closer.

  1. A fine expression of your magnanimity

Gifts reciprocate your generosity and magnanimity, forming a perfect representation of the joy that you are feeling on this glorious and grand eve.

  1. Conveys your good wishes and thoughts in the most special manner

Gifts speak volumes of all the good wishes and thoughts you have in a posh and subliminal manner, making them represent yourself wonderfully.

  1. Inculcates the virtues memorability and remembrance

When a gift is presented, it is not simply seen as another gorgeous object, it is glorious exchange of good wishes and thoughts, where a beautiful memory is created and looked back to in fond remembrance throughout the ages.

  1. Aligns with the timeless Diwali tradition of exchanging gifts

Exchanging gifts in Diwali is an age-old tradition that has always been reciprocated with joy and carried forward in reverence. What finer way to pay homage to this tradition than by exchanging gifts?