Everything You Need To Know About BT21 Characters

Over the previous years, Korean stars BTS have moved out from being a niche act that only devoted American K-pop fans knew about to a major worldwide presence. Thanks to their brutally honest lyrics, charming attitudes and intense love for their fans, they’ve achieved an impression that no Korean band before them has been able to make. While BTS fever has grown, the fandom has reaped the benefits of an avalanche of new Kpop merchandise online to demonstrate our support for the boys.

The most notable is their 2017 cooperation with global character brand LINE FRIENDS, who asked the band to create their own characters to represent themselves. Because the BT21 merchandise is so adorable, it’s no surprise that it has such a devoted fan base. The Kpop online store sells official BT21 items as well. If you’re new to BTS, like a lot of people these days, and want to learn more about the cute characters who symbolise them, let this article take you on a BT21 tour.

If Park Jimin is your bias, you’ll enjoy Chimmy

If you get weak when Park Jimin laughs, smiles, or makes that dance move where he looks like he’s about to eat you, you’re probably going to fall in love with Chimmy. With its puppy ears and funny grin, the character exemplifies Jimin’s adorable side. Chimmy is built to make Jimin fans slobber, especially since he was already dressed as a puppy for last year’s Muster.

Check out Cooky if you’re a Jungkook fan

You’ve perhaps already lost it over the sight of Cooky, a muscle head bunny with a raised eyebrow, if you’re by now a wreck over Jungkook and his bunny soul. We assume Kook enjoys seeing us suffer, so he created a bunny replica of himself for ARMY to hug.

Shooky is your guy if you’re sweating for Suga

It’s difficult to ignore Suga’s cranky old guy demeanour and “gummy smile,” and Shooky, the character he designed, has a little of both. As you can see, he put part of his real-life attitude into all of the initial faces he drew when creating Shooky. The feisty cookie is adorable, but we’re still not sure why he’s afraid of milk.

Mang, the dance king, is J- Hope’s soulmate

Slaying with sexy motions is his specialty (especially when he’s wearing that sweet, sweet Dior). Mang, a funky horse mask creature inspired by the Korean word for optimism, was created by the tremendously gifted dancer/songwriter as his BT21 spirit animal. Many fans have remarked that Mang’s nose, like J-smile, is shaped like a heart.