The art of organizing Funeral flowers correctly

Beautiful floral displays at the funeral represent various emotions, but most of the time they symbolize love, sympathy and respect. Choosing the colors for the funeral, you are planning or sending flowers to the funeral is an art that, once mastered, can express these feelings eloquently.

Funeral flower characteristics

Flowers are used in different ways to honor a person who has died. They can be displayed at the funeral home during the visit and then sent to the church for an official funeral. They can decorate the grave or cover the coffin. Sometimes they are also delivered directly to the family.

Whatever the purpose, these events are a visual tribute to the relationship he had with the deceased. Here are some ways to transfer this connection:

  • “Family” aerosols, boxes or baskets for “husband” or “daughter”, for example
  • Cut floral arrangements
  • potted plants
  • dry flower arrangements
  • Floral crowns
  • Baskets of flowers and herbs.

The type of colours you choose can be determined by cost, accessibility or personal preference. A respected person may even have left instructions on the type of floral tribute he prefers. Work with a local floral designer to choose funeral flowers singapore, or ask the funeral director for florists in the area.

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Funeral flowers

The flowers at the funeral are different from the flowers of sympathy since they usually go with the funeral to the church or the crematorium and can be delivered back to the house or the funeral directors. You should verify this with your family or ask a professional funeral florist who would like to assign to create flowers for you.

Varieties of funeral flowers

In the past, cut floral arrangements for funerals were generally limited to mothers, carnations, irises or roses. It was common to see tall gladioli located in the spray on the sides of the coffin. In rural areas, funeral baskets can be made with wildflowers or flowers from someone else’s garden.

Today’s funeral flowers are made from an almost infinite variety of flowers from around the world. Dramatic bird of paradise, vibrant tulips and sweet daisies can be seen in containers ranging from tall vases to vine crowns. The beauty of nature lends itself to memorial and ritual services and can be a worthy tribute to a loved one. Keep in mind that being unforgettable and spectacular is not the same, and choose funeral flowers that do not overwhelm the rest of the service.

Think about what someone who is gone would enjoy? Think of a scenario for your final service. What types of flowers or plants can provide comfort to an afflicted family? With these criteria, you can choose a memorable flower tribute.

Ordering flowers for the funeral should not be a painful decision. Decide how much you would like to spend, what flowers the deceased could enjoy and what you would like your gift of flowers to present.