What Are The Different Types Of Balloons You Can Choose From?

Balloons have some magical ability to lift spirits in no time. The cheap helium balloons delivery is a perfect option for any special occasion. Florists possess a wide variety of balloons available in different colours, shapes, themes, and sizes.

You can get them:

  • Added to a beautiful arrangement of plants or flowers
  • Used for enhancing the excitement of any festive event or an occasion
  • Delivered in huge bundles all by themselves

Types of balloons to choose from 

Balloons are generally available in two different types. First comes the traditional latex balloons, which are made up of stretchy and think kind of rubber. Then comes mylar balloons, which are manufactured as a result of metalized film. Each type of balloon comes with its own special and unique attributes, shapes, and sizes.

Let us gain a little cognizance about them individually.

  • Mylar Balloons 

The reflective film used for making Mylar balloons is not very porous when compared to latex. As a result of this, balloons tend to last much longer after inflation. They are not very flexible because of which less pressure is exerted on their walls. They can be re-filled with air or helium that helps to expand their life span. Once filled, they should be kept away from sunlight or heat.

  • Latex Balloons 

Balloons that are made of latex do not tend to stay inflated as long as Mylar balloons. This is because latex is somewhat porous, which makes the time of inflation a bit faster. A latex balloon can either be inflated with helium or air. Balloons filled with air tend to stay inflated for a longer time when compared to one filled with helium, as an oxygen molecule is larger than a helium molecule. It is because the larger molecules do not easily pass through the skin of a balloon. Balloons filled with air do not float.

You can enjoy cheap helium balloons delivery for latex as well as mylar balloons.


A colourful balloon for a birthday helps to add bounce to the celebration in no time. They can instantly elevate the mood of a party. In this day and age, balloons are used as a decorative material for weddings, get-well messages for patients, gifts for retired people, and a whimsical treat for adults and kids alike. Not only this, they are soaring to new heights at the celebration of the life of a person- you might otherwise know this as a funeral.