Choosing Presents for the Folks

Purchasing presents for relatives can be an agonizing and frustrating process.  And selecting just the right item is often difficult.  So I make it my business to plan my purchases early, and to take advantage of a Groupon to get just what I think is right well ahead of time.  After all, it is never too late to start planning.  And if you need suggestions on the kind of gift that is most appropriate for your dad then you should consider using a different strategy for selecting the kind of gift he might best appreciate. This is a guy who helped raise you, and you more than likely know everything about him. Dig down deep and you are certain to come up with a few good ideas.

For many people the kinds of gifts we usually consider for our closest family members is often based upon traditional items and habits.  Many times, we let our thoughts to be swayed by the things portrayed by our media and by what we hear from others.  But in a way, this actually downgrades the quality of a gift, since a gift is supposed to be a present that the giver selects with the particular recipient in mind.  Allowing our selection to be driven by the traditions and ideas of the masses literally takes the personal character and tone out of the entire act of giving. I’m sure you have heard the old adage, “it’s the thought that counts”. Too often we treat that as and old saying that is baseless in meaning, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The thought really does count, and to our loved ones it’s what truly matters the most.

With that in mind, then the consideration of a gift for a father might be done by carefully observing what he might show interest in.  For example, one might observe that your father has recently shown a liking for collecting historic stamps.  So, you might seriously consider getting him a starter stamp collector book and binder.  Or if someone enjoys reading, then you might try to find a book or magazine that he would want.  I personally would give my parents annual subscriptions to magazines whose topics dealt with subjects of interest to them.

And for my dad – who has an incurable sweet tooth – I’d see that he had a 5-pound bag of M&M candies of all flavors and types in a giant jar that sat beside his favorite reading chair.  There he could sit, read the latest issue of his favorite magazine while munching away on his M&M’s and enjoying the sound of the fireplace cracking on a cold winter evening.   Of course, I’d usually have an ulterior motive: once they finished reading the books or magazines then they were there available for me to read and look.  With a little thought pre-planning you can find your dad the perfect gift without all of the last minute panic as is our usual motivation.