Colour me white

Are you confident about sporting white shoes? You should be – we’ve got a guide to put your look together.

Shoes are one of the most important elements of your daily wardrobe. Lately, you’ve been seeing a lot of people sporting white shoes, and you want to as well. But you wonder if you can pull off the look. Besides, you’re worried that you might get the shoes dirty and cleaning them will be an issue.

But wearing white shoes is not the difficult task that you imagine it to be. First off, you can wear them with any kind of casual ensemble, whether it’s pants or capris with a tee. Second, they up your style game by several notches. And third, we’ve got a handy guide for you to start your style journey with chic white shoes. Just read on.

white shoes

* Go sockless.

The weather in our country is normally balmy unless we actually hit the cold winter months. This means that you have the liberty of going sockless, or wearing minimalist socks, most of the times. The sockless look goes the best with white shoes, because visible socks inside the shoes detract from the shoes’ awesomeness. Besides, you don’t want to add an unnecessary pop of colour if you’re going for colour balance with the rest of your outfit. Try skinny fit jeans in navy blue, a white or light coloured tee and white shoes. Complete with sunglasses and a smile.

* Pair white shoes with black pants and a bomber jacket – it’s the best look ever.

Hollywood heartthrob James Dean can be credited with creating the white shoe-wearing guy next door. He perfected the street side impressionable man persona with white sneakers, a pair of slim black pants, a white tee and a black bomber jacket to layer the top. It is a classic look that never fails to impress. Plus, it is so easy to put together. Again, go sockless or opt for white ‘invisible’ socks.

* White sneakers can soften a severe outfit.

Do you want to transition your outfit from workwear to casual wear by changing just your shoes? Suppose you’re wearing slim fit chinos and a fitted full sleeved shirt to work. You’re supposed to head to a party or a movie date soon, but you don’t have enough time to change your clothes and pick something else to wear. The easiest thing to do in such situations is to roll up your chinos (about an inch or two, not more) and switch your office wear shoes to white shoes. You could wear white sneakers and add a coloured shirt over your tee to make the look completely casual.

Popular online shopping apps like Jabong have the best collection of white shoes for the season. Pick your correct size and type, and flaunt your minimal footwear style game this summer.