Features and materials used for personalised luggage tags

Keep your luggage safe and locate it easily with custom made, genuine leather or faux leather luggage tags with strap and buckle, beautifully printed to ensure your details stay safe. To create custom luggage tags, you can use your own designs and graphics, front and back separately, so you can use contrasting designs or the same design on both sides personalised leather luggage tag singapore.

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personalised leather luggage tag singapore

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DURABLE MATERIAL: Our premium quality labels are made of bendable PVC silicone and can be folded and squeezed, without damage. This label has been subjected to long journeys in order to test its resistance in travel environments.

PERSONALIZED: You can write your personal information inside the title block inside or include your business card for quick identification of your luggage. The dimensions are 10.4 x 5.8 x 0.8 cm.

EASY LUGGAGE IDENTIFICATION: With the bright neon colors you can easily locate your luggage at the airport.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: Each colored label is backed by a money back guarantee.


✈ Color: 6 Colors Airplane Luggage Tags for you to choose, Size: 7.5 x 4.5cm / 2.95 x 1.77in

✈ Easy to Identify: The suitcase tag is bright colors, so you can easily find your luggage at the airport conveyor belt or anywhere while traveling.

✈ Safe Material: The luggage tag is made of aluminum alloy and is very sturdy. The stainless steel cables and screw connectors provided will keep the tags securely in place.

✈ Protect Information: In order to protect your privacy, in addition to your name, your other personal information will be perfectly hidden in the case.

✈ A Variety Of Travel Occasions: The travel luggage tag is suitable for checked baggage, suitcases, backpacks, briefcases, bags, laptop bags.If you travel by plane or train, it is an ideal choice.