General information about diamond rings

Many jewellers will make the setting according to the dimensions of the diamond you have chosen and the size of your finger.  The setting has to be designed according to the diamond and not the opposite.

The setting is used to beautify the diamond and not the other way around.  The setting must emphasize the beauty of the diamond, it must be as discreet as possible to add value to the diamond. All major jewellers have created their models of solitaire rings that reflect the identity of their brand.  There are as many solitaires as there are jewellery designers.  A 1 carat diamond ring fits very well for an engagement ring and can also be given as a gift for a birth ring, for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion.

Many websites offer cheap solitaire rings, but the quality leaves a lot to be desired: the claws have been poorly calibrated, the setting has not been done according to the rules of the art, etc. Many get contacted every day by people who have misplaced the diamond on their ring because a claw has been damaged or because a weld has broken, etc. The jewellery market is full of inexpensive and duplicate rings created in many countries.  Jewellery sellers often select settings that have been made in thousands of copies and attempt to set a diamond.  The result is of course not optimal.  Trusted shops will never do such a job, it does not correspond to any idea of ​​the art of jewellery.  The art of jewellery is a craft, a handicraft and it has to stay that way.  The jeweller’s experience is necessary to obtain a ring worthy of the name.

1 carat diamond ring

Most of the shops offer solitaire rings made of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum to make rings. White gold and yellow gold are most commonly used to make a solitaire ring, platinum is also often chosen by our customers, but rose gold is less well known.

The choice of metal is very often a question of personal taste, our customers almost always know in which alloy they want their ring to be made. Many people love to water gold and whereas few prefer rose gold and few prefer white gold and it completely depends on the taste of the customers and their budget. Few people love to get their diamond in the platinum bands so according to the customers choose the shop workouts and bring the best results.