A Bride’s Guide to Choosing the Right Wedding Gown Based on Body Type

Getting married is one of the highlights of your life. You have to do your best to look good on this special occasion. Start by determining the right wedding gown for you. Looking for a wedding dress is challenging especially because of the overwhelming choices. For instance, you can consider custom bridal gowns or ready-made ones.

A customized wedding gown is expensive especially if you consider BRIDAL COUTURE. Even if it is expensive, at least you get the chance to choose the embellishments. If you choose read-made wedding gowns, it is a lot cheaper and you only need to deal with the alterations. Whatever you choose, you need to be aware of your body type.

Knowing your body type is one step closer to finding that right wedding gown. Here’s a guide:

For pear-shaped brides

If you have a pear-shaped body type, you should look for a skirt that slowly flares out from the waist to the floor. This is to emphasize the thinness of your midsection. This will also draw the attention of the people away from your thighs and hips.

custom bridal gowns

For busty brides
If you are busty, the perfect gown for you is a scooped neckline. This will draw the attention of the people away from your cleavage. The gown will light up your face and display your neck.

For plus-size brides
For plus-size brides, do not worry because there is something in store for you. When looking for a gown, choose an empire dress. Empire dress features a skirt that starts under the bust and gradually flows into the floor. Make sure that the skirt doesn’t start on the chest because it will resemble a maternity wear.

For tall brides
For tall brides, the perfect dress is a simple silhouette. The silhouette will highlight your natural shape and your longer proportions. Avoid gowns with too many embellishments. Simplicity is the key to acing this look.

For straight-lined brides
Straight-lined brides should look for a dress that can create an illusion of curves. Look for ball gowns that will emphasize your waist and gradually flares to a flowing floor-length skirt. This will highlight your slenderness and conceal the lack of hips.

For petite brides
For petite brides, look for sheath gowns or trumpet. Look for a gown with a waistline over your natural waist. This is to make the other half of the dress look longer. The fabric will depend on you. As with the details, it should focus on the upper half to draw the eyes upward. Avoid too many embellishments down.

For small-chested brides
For small-chested brides, look for gowns that can highlight your upper body. This will create an illusion of having curves. When wearing the gown, it is important that you wear the right bra as it can provide an additional boost.

If you are fitting, make sure to bring some friends and family members to help you decide the best style for you. It is good to have many sets of eyes. Do not rush into something that you do not feel like wearing because it will ruin your day. Remember that a bridal gown can make or break a wedding.