Gold bridesmaid dresses and other trend colors this season

Being the bridesmaid at a wedding is a privilege, and as such, you should assume it in the best way. Your sister, your cousin or your best friend are married, and you have been chosen to go with her on her great day. For this you must look beautiful, you can achieve it by selecting the right dress.

One of the best options are the gold bridesmaid dresses. Among so many outfits, it stands out for its metallic tone, becoming a trend in 2018.

The first thing to take into account before buying a bridesmaid dress is the line of etiquette to follow. Concerning what is indicated in the invitation. It is not the same to choose the dress for a wedding on the beach, as for a reception room. It might not be your own choice. If it was the bride in charge of designating the design and the fabric that you should wear at the wedding. Then you better get one of the most beautiful bridesmaids gold dresses. Either case, both will want you to look beautiful for the occasion.

This other mention that you should avoid:

Dressing provocative, remember that the bachelorette party has already passed.

Now you are in a celebration of a formal nature, so never get too exposed. Dresses with wide necklines, very short, super fitted are not the best option. For this reason, Jovani as an essential brand of dressmaking gives you advice. To choose, among many, the perfect bridesmaid dress.

As for the color, in general, any guest at a wedding is unable to use the color white in their look. It is taken by attendees as a lack of respect for the bride. Because in this type of event is the only one that can dress in that tonality. In the same way, black is another color not welcome in these celebrations. Since is more associated with funeral events. That is why the gold bridesmaid dresses are an outline as the best option to go with the bride.

Like this, there are many tones that you can wear, and Jovani has prepared a list of colors that you can use with your bridesmaid dress:

Nostalgia Rose

Apart from the gold, this color has been very requested this 2018 to be the escort of the bridesmaids. It is a pale pink sober and dark, suitable for use at weddings day or night. Being a very soft tone, it is perfect for the romantic and modern touch that every marriage needs.


Shining at night is possible. Between sequins and brilliants, these metallic shades are a significant trend this year. Apart from gold, silver or black are perfect for use in autumn or winter.


Another color that will look much this year on bridesmaids is the burgundy color. It creates excellent contrast while making the wedding atmosphere much more elegant.

Blush pink

This is the softest pink among bridesmaids dresses. This shade of pink adjoins the sand color, making it more tenuous than nostalgia rose. The good thing about being a pale tone is that you can contrast it. With an intense color in the bouquet or a colorful accessory. In short, you will love the options that this color gives you.


Like black, red or blue, floral dresses will never go out of fashion for bridesmaids. Especially if the wedding is going to take place in hot months, such as summer or spring. The innovation that achieves to see this 2018 onto the classic dresses:

Designs with bohemian and multicolored prints with reliefs in the flowers.

Pastel tones

With an extensive tonality, they are always a good option for this type of events. Where you should look beautiful and elegant. Using it has no limits because each bridesmaid can use a different one.

Shades of blue

This color, and its derivatives, always manage to position itself as a trend in the fashion world. It also allows you to have a great color combination by using different shades of blue. They complement each other, and they look great together. They can work at any time of the year.

Lavender and Lilac

It’s not just violet, the combination of both colors gives you much more than that. Both colors are contrasted in a beautiful way. Because the lavender color gives a warm touch, while the lilac creates a fresher look. The combination of these colors will give an exciting and also, fun appearance.