Hijab~ A customary head wrap

Wearing a hijab is mostly linked to the modesty and the religious beliefs of the Islamic faith. But it is entirely upon the choice of the individual,  whether she chooses to wear it or not. Among the various kinds of head scarves, the Burkha or an Abaya and the Niqab goes hand in hand. But there’s still a controversy among the beginners on the many different kinds of head scarves available to style their look. Here to mitigate their confusion, let us discuss the detailed ‘  difference between a Burkha, a hijab, and a Niqab ‘ .

  • Firstly a niqab is mainly a covering for the head and a face. Primarily a scarf by nature it veils the face and the  head except for the eyes. The covering is varies in length and flows till the chest in front and covers the back too.
  • Secondly comes the ‘ hijab ‘ a popular outfit depicting the modest wear. Basically only a head and a neck covering, but the face is left totally uncovered, unlike the Niqab. The covering on the head is considered to be utterly prestigious and it is a status symbol. Hijab can be a great saviour, as women of other cultures have adopted this to save themselves from the harmful rays of the sun in warmer climates. 1st of February every year ‘ International Hijab Day ‘ is celebrated to promote global respect and love amongst the different faiths across the globe. This occasion particularly aims at breaking the stereotypes and restraining the prejudice going against Muslims.
  • Thirdly, the ‘ Burkha ‘ is.the most celebrated outfit among not only Islam but worldwide. Containing the essential blend of custom culture tradition and modesty, this is the dress that veils almost the whole body. The eyes either are left uncovered or have a mesh lining before them not to hinder the eyesight.

Colours of hijab to flatter your skin :

Fair skin : Flaunt bolder colours, like dark and deep intense hues of almost every shade. Avoid the pastel shades like as it will melt into your skin. Also monochromes will look great depending on the warm or cool undertones of your skin. Animal prints will flatter you much.

Medium skin : Go for light, neutral shades or natural earth colours like sand pebble peaches almonds nuts caramels beiges etc. Avoid pastels. Shop hijab online to get the most of your look.

Dark skin : Don’t go for chocolatey shades or even mocha colours as they can give a blended look. Instead opt for light metallics or even monochromes.Floral prints will look gorgeous on you.

Health benefits of hijab :

  • Protects you from the harmful UV rays as most of them gets blocked and do not reach your skin directly, thus preventing tanning.
  • Prevents heat loss from the body in colder months or colder countries, this maintaining an optimum temperature ie. utterly essential.
  • The hijab clothing protects your hair from the pollution, ultraviolet rays and keeps it soft and maintained.

Hijabs are a boon from both cultural social heath and religious purpose. Nowadays the world is also joining hands in reaping the authentic benefits of it.