Simple Steps to Wear Geo Contact Lenses

Are you ready to switch to contact lenses from spectacles? Then you’remaking a good decision which helps give a new attractive look. Contact lenses provide various benefits like establishing a new look, enhances your eyes beauty, feel comfortable, etc. If you’re seeking the best Contact lenses for your eyes, then you can try Geo Tri Color Lenses with different colors. The is the best selling contact lenses platform that is certified by the Geo Medical association. They provide the entire contact lenses with an affordable price because they offer the lowest price guarantee. When you wear contact lenses, you have to follow some simple instructions on how to use and wear.

If you’re newer to purchasing Geo tri color lenses, then you can also get instructions from experts. If you want to wear it properly and perfectly, then you should follow the instructions. Here are some instructions which you have to follow when you wear contact lenses.

  • First, you have to wash your hands properly with soap and dry them before and after handling lenses.
  • Then, before opening the vials, you have to completely inspect the lenses for any nicks, physical defects and tears. If you find this kind of problem, then you have to inform the place you bought them from.
  • The next step is handling the lenses with your fingertips only and never use your nails.
  • Moreover, avoid having your nails come into contact with your lenses. This is very important because it can create tears in your eyes.

  • Before wearing lenses, you have to look at the bowl of the lenses and check that the edge is not in a curved shape. If it is, that means you have to make it inside out.
  • When you use it for the first time, soak your lenses in multipurpose contact lens solution for at least 6 hours. Hence, you have to always clean, rinse and disinfect them with solution each time. Therefore, you have to use the multipurpose solution and never use tap water.
  • Remember, you have to start with your right eye and gently lift your upper lid. With another hand, pull down your lower lid; with middle fingertip, you can place the lens in your eye.
  • Release your finger and close your eye and blink 2 to 3 times and massage your eye gently. Moreover, repeat the same steps for your other eye.
  • After wearing the lens, if your vision is blurry, they may be on the wrong eye or oil. So, you have to gently pull down your eyelid and remove lens and change with other.
  • Moreover, you have to take proper care for your lenses and keep it safe with cleaning.

All of the above steps are very important to wear the lenses correctly. The provide quality and branded eye contact lenses with instructions. To know more information about Geo Tricolor lenses, you can visit their official website at