Types of winter coats for men to wear

Whether you are going on a vacation to the snow or planning to move to a cold country, the right winter clothing will be your salvation in cold temperatures. You need to know the type of activity you intend to do when shopping for a parka, anorak, or a winter coat. You will see that walking through the city is not the same as going camping in the mountains, the models will be different, the materials and requirements of each coat will depend on the environment in which you are going to use it. Buy mens fur hooded coat to be saved from cold from our shop.

What is a winter coat?

Basically, a winter coat, a parka, or anorak is a garment that aims to save us from the winter weather, which can come in the form of snow, rain, winds, and humidity. This type of coat is designed to be worn over all of our clothing sets during winter weather.

As a basic garment, it is necessary to choose a coat that goes according to our style and daily use. For example, sober coats are good for people who want to keep a formal look all the time, however for those more intrepid, coats with bold styles and colors are a perfect option, and they can even be useful when it comes to being noticed to cross the street at night. If you are thinking about buying mens parka coats, then please visit our shop once before the final decision.

What type of coat do I need?

We present you with 3 categories of coats that will help you stay warm throughout the winter.

Casual Coats – The coats that you can wear to walk around town or to show up to work.

Mountain Coats – Designed for the most extreme temperatures, they preserve heat and keep you dry during your journey.

All-in-one coats – Protect you from freezing temperatures and add style to those walks around town.

Let’s take a closer look at them, so you can decide which one suits you best this season.

Casual Coats

How can you imagine, these coats can be used on different occasions, whether it is going for a walk, shopping, or going to work? If you plan to visit or live in a very cold city, these coats can work well down to -10ºC. That is enough for many, but if you are looking for something a little warmer, we invite you to go further.

Mountain Coats

These coats are designed to withstand outdoor activities in the snowy mountains, such as climbing, skiing, and snowboarding. They have a very particular and sporty style, which will keep you dry while you practice your favorite winter sports.

All-in-one coats

Imagine that in winter the city of Montreal can reach -35º C. Too cold! But still, people go to work like they do every day, children go to school and life continues. If the place you plan to visit is around these temperatures, we recommend that you buy an all-in-one coat. Why all in one? Why you don’t want to show up in a skier outfit for Christmas dinner. The cold doesn’t have to punish you with not looking good, so prepare yourself with a quality coat.