Different Types Of Framing Hammer

At many of the houses or museums that you might have visited, you might have witnessed different types of frames that are put up along with the picture. It can be either embroidered with precious stones and other types of materials. But then to actually make them, it takes a skilled labors touch and also a framing hammer. But then there are many depending on its usage and how one can use it in different ways possible. Hence let’s take a look at the different types and how they can be useful. Let’s get started.

Types of hammers.

There are different types of hammers based on their uses and the materials from which they are made up of. the types are given below. a

     Rip claw hammer.

  •  These hammers are mainly used for the removal of nails from the photos and frames.
  • Generally used for carpentry purposes.
  • They are designed in such a way that it can rip through boards and plywood.
  • Usually weights 16 to 25 ounces and made up of fiberglass or wood.

framing hammer

Curve claw hammer

  • The design of this framing hammer is curved towards the back giving extra pull in the removal of nails and other materials.
  • Acts as a leverage in the removal of tight nails form a particular place.
  • The most commonly used tool in the framing industry

     Drywall hammer

  •  These hammers are mainly used for the removal of entire frames or in its installation.
  • It has a flat base and a hatchet-shaped back for the easy removal of the frame.

     Rubber mallet

  •  This hammer is primarily sued for pounding materials back into shape.
  • They usually weight about 12 to 28 ounces a have a handle made up of wood.
  • It has a bounce resistant head with a non-breakable structure.


  •  Basically used for demolition of the frame.
  • carpenters have a lot of practical use for this hammer as they can destroy things within a matter of mins
  • The general design is made of metal or fiberglass. Hence the robust structure and durable rigidity of the hammer.

     Drilling hammer

  •  The hammer is used for frames which don’t come out in one go.
  • They are made up of some heavy duty metal and designed to last for a really long time under some intense pressure.
  • the most convenient form of hammer in the domain of demolition and other intensive destruction purposes.

There are so many different types of hammers out there that carpenters who make frames can choose anything that can be feasible for them. The right kind of hammer can get the work done in a faster period of time. It also results in a cleaner job and leads to the overall satisfaction of the work being cleaner. Hence it all comes down to the way that a person might choose their tool for the desired job. Hence choose the right kind of hammer and do the needful.