2 Pivotal Things To Look For A Best Home Treadmill

Home treadmill is going to be the one which you are going to use consistently and regularly. But if you are new to it, then you might be looking for the answer of what makes a best home treadmill? The answer is going to be different for each person, but there are few factors that will be useful for all types of people.  Home treadmills are one of the most popular searches. These equipments offer easy exercise options for people of any age and weight.  For the past few years there have been advanced changes seen in the home treadmills.

There are many reasons why people want to get this equipment at home. It is also a safe alternative.  If you do not wish to take a walk or running in the neighborhood because you fret bad people out there still wants to take care of your fitness, then treadmills are the great options. If you are overweight and do not want  people eyes to chase you while you are running, then you can get a treadmill and  walk or run at the comfort of your home, but  what are the features that you need to consider to get the best option.

best home treadmill

Things to consider

Walking deck

First of all pay attention to the thickness of the walking deck. The comfort of the legs, feet and back is the thing that gets affected by the deck.  The suspension of the treadmill is going to be directly beneath the deck. A strong deck will help you in determining the strength and how long it is going to last especially if you are a serious runner.  The best running decks are made with laminated thin layers of wood which are coated with lubricants to attain friction that occurs between the belt and deck. This also reduces the stress on motor.

Walking track size

The next thing is the track size. Make sure that the belt is made with durable material and is not prone to wear and tear.  Having 2ply or more is going to be the best, because single ply is going to ruin and will need time to time replacement.  Ideally it should be 49-50 inches or more, width should be 18 inches or more, no less.  If you are a serious runner you must get 60 inches belt length and 20 inches width.

These are the features you need to look when it comes to best home treadmill.