Blue Sapphire – What You Need to Know About the Gemstone

Blue sapphire is considered one of the most powerful gemstones amongst the sapphire lot. It is said that sapphires attract good luck and have a close connection with love. This precious gemstone has some great capabilities to resolve issues relating to financial, psychological and personal affairs. Not only does it bring positive changes to you, but it also opens many doors of opportunities for your life. Here are some amazing benefits of purchasing a blue sapphire gemstone from jewelry stores in Albuquerque:

  • Blue sapphire yields prosperity for the wearer by bestowing great rewards in their career. Legend has it, this gemstone also brings fame and fortune, alongside good health and wealth.
  • Blue Sapphire helps clear confusion and provides you with much needed mental clarity, thus allowing you to make better decisions. It also works towards improving your communication skills. Sapphires take you on a spiritual path, and heal your mind & body to eliminate blockages, if any.
  • Blue sapphire acts as a protective guardian from enemies and other forms of negative energies such as evil eye, jealousy, fears, complexes, and the like.
  • Blue Sapphire also helps with digestion, eliminates lethargy, and aids in improving your focus and concentration.
  • The gemstone strengthens the sensory system and sense organs, thus helping those dealing with frequent emotional episodes.
  • Blue Sapphire purchased from jewelry stores in Albuquerque is great for marriages as well. It emanates positive energy and helps develop mutual understanding in a relationship. Partners create a strong bond and express their feelings and emotions to each other in a better way.
  • For professionals such as engineers, writers, actors, directors, dancers, doctors, archaeologists, surgeons, soldiers, and more, blue sapphire brings enormous benefits to them.

purchasing a blue sapphire gemstone

Origins of Blue Sapphire:

Blue Sapphiresare discovered and mined in different countries across the world including India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, USA, Myanmar, and, Madagascar. Blue sapphires obtained from Kashmir (India) are found to be the purest, and possess the highest quality with its ‘true blue’ hue.

Blue Sapphires are Perfect with Gold and Silver:

Astrologers recommend wearing blue sapphire with gold or silver ornaments offered by jewelers in Albuquerque. You can use it as a stud in a gold or silver ring, in a pendant, or a bracelet depending on your requirements. This gemstone should be in contact with the skin of the wearer to obtain all the benefits of it.

Factors Determining the Price of Blue Sapphire:

The four fundamental factors that determine the price of blue sapphire include its cut, clarity, carat weight, and color. With that said, a rare, crystal clear and royal blue gemstone would be the most expensive blue sapphires you will ever see.

Talk to an expert astrologer before deciding to purchase this magnificent gemstone. Leading Albuquerque diamond jewelersoffer fashionable jewelry that comes with good quality blue sapphires that can enhance your life in many ways.