Introducing, The Best Water Softener In 2018

Water is one of the basic yet the most important needs that we have as a human being. Our body is made up of up to 60% of water. According to the Journal of Biological Chemistry, our brain and heart are composed of 73% water and our lungs have about 83% water. Even our skin contains 64% water. This just shows how important water is for our body.

This is the reason why we are required to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. However, the water that we drink or use to cook our meals should be clean and free from pollutants. In order for us to make sure that our water is free from harmful debris and chemicals, we need to install a water softener. So here are the best water softeners for your home or office.


The TOP 3 Water Softener This 2018

Water Softeners are now available in different online stores. But choosing only one would need an intensive research on your part for you to be able to differentiate the best from your choices. To make things easier for you, softwaterlab has a list of the most recommended water softeners. Here are the top picks for this year:

  • Fleck 5600SXT. This is currently one of the best-rated water softeners from the reviews of softwaterlab. It has 48,000 grains capacity. This means that it can capture up to 48,000 grains of hardness before you need to recharge it. This is salt-based but you can also opt for the Potassium based instead if you are not a fan of a salty taste or if you have a salt-restricted diet.
  • Watts RV PRO-1000 or M7002. This is a portable water softener that is perfect for RV use. It is smaller and also lighter than the other products on this list. This is one of the highest rated water softeners despite its size. This is a salt-based water softener and it comes with a detailed installation guide.
  • Iron Pro. This product also comes with a 48,000 grains capacity which is the perfect choice for a house water softener. This can remove 6 to 8 ppm of iron and 6 ppm of Manganese from your water and other 48,000 grains of hardness. This water softener is specifically designed for household use where it can filter up to 3 baths used for as much as 5 people.

If your next project is a water softener for your home, office or your RV, check out the top brands and models listed above. These are the most recommended products online where you can definitely get the worth from what you are paying for. Filter your water efficiently with these amazing water softeners!