Nitehawk, The Brand You Can Count On

The brand term  Nitehawk  covers the array of the outdoor experience from big-game adventure hunting to fishing in backyard ponds, and the audience has come to count on the knowledge of the writers, editors, and its presentation across every media platform for the most useful, entertaining, and relevant content. It’s not only passionate about the out-of-doors but also with the everyday carry gear, whiskey, slim wallets, knives, awesome videos, and other stuff you can’t live without.

The Military Watches

These are tactical survival emergency tools used by men and women both on and off service. Unlike ordinary watch that carries limited functions, the military watches engineered with military grade features that will withstand the grim of climates in the toughest terrains. These watches are skillful, durable and dependable that makes them a top pick for those looking more than just an ordinary and simple watch. This equipment tracks the moves that you do such as tracking your distance, heart rate, measuring your pace, and location with precision and this data are continuously measured and updated then you can touch the button in order for you to access your progress report. The physical design ensures you the most precise information that is being gathered.

The Navigation And Route Finding

Military watches are designed specifically to withstand any hardship that Mother Nature may present that is why they are the best for all outdoor activities. Nonetheless, few uses that make these watches stand out as the best for navigation and route finding. Wristwatch-style barometer, compass, and altimeter are fundamental for accurate navigation when mountaineering, hiking, or ski touring this is why more mountaineers, hikers, or skiers are using this GPS functionality to help plot waymarks and find their way out of the unrecognized area.

The Workout And Training

These high-end tactical watches are the best during workout and training. You will get the most out of every hike, run, or workout you make with this watches and they are also designed to track your pace, distance, heart rate and location. There are models that can state your form and fitness during and after training and also with this advanced models can monitor any changes in your training to calculate your fitness cuts and support you with reliable figures that you can compare with your training partner. But some advanced tactical watches installed with different performance modes such as rowing, golf mode, ski/board mode or swim profile.