Risks and advantages of biometric security systems

Password is not the only way to protect our devices, files or accounts. For the films, we know that the best authentication systems are based on biometric systems such as fingerprint or iris reader. But are they really safe? Can we trust our security in them?

What is biometrics?

Biometrics is the study that allows us to unequivocally identify a person through their traits. In other words, it allows us to verify the identity of a person, or what the same is, authenticate it, is very useful  through its physical characteristics or biometric features.

And what physical characteristics can serve us for this? The most popular form are fingerprints, in fact, many already have fingerprint sensors in their phones to unlock it. But it is not the only physical characteristic used; it also highlights the use of iris scanner or vascular recognition.

And on what traits can a biometric system be built? Despite not being the only one, voice identification is mostly used. In addition, in this category we could also include features of the sharing, which is where authentication methods such as signature or keys are included, which would become the “traditional systems”.

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The advantages of biometric authentication methods

Biometric authentication systems are increasingly present . It is useful in best biometric gun safe. But now it’s not just something that stays on the mobiles or tablets , but now is also something that has reached computers

And obviously we cannot stay there, and that is because many devices also include face recognition . Even some brands are also beginning to perfect iris recognition systems, so they can incorporate it into their future devices. Why so much interest? Obviously this has to bring some advantage , otherwise all these companies would not be “wasting” their valuable time …

The main advantage is the increase in security . And is that as a general rule, a protection by fingerprint, iris scanner or any other system that we have seen, will always be more secure than a password, however secure it may be. Basically because the probability of discovering how your fingerprint or your iris is is much less than discovering your password.

Its disadvantages and risks

Despite being very safe, they have their weaknesses . But improving their security is possible, and it is the task of both, manufacturers / developers and users.

As for users, they only have one mission, and that is not to rely too much on biometric security systems. Why? For two reasons. The first is that not all biometric security systems are the same, and not all are equally secure . In this way, it is possible that some fingerprint sensors will authorize a person who only has a photocopy of your finger, for example. In addition, it is also important to have a plan  B , and is that if you trust your security exclusively in a fingerprint, what happens if you unfortunately lose your hands? Exactly, you would be without your data, although we hope it does not happen