Sending Flowers to Italy

Italians are people who rejoice in the perks of life excitedly. They take life on a lighter note as they are merry and happy people. Flowers in Italy form an integral part of several celebrations in Italy. Floral arrangements at a party make a tremendous eye-catcher for guests while giving them as gifts on one’s special day is hugely popular in the country. People in Italy consider flowers the sweetest thing but without a soul. They are indeed the gem of nature and have a purpose behind their existence.

Flowers bloom for people and to make them happy on regular days or special occasions. The sole purpose of flowers can be fulfilled by gifting unique floral arrangements, and bouquets. A floral arrangement whether it comprises of mixed flowers or those of a single kind can be the most thoughtful act of courtesy. Such delightful flowers can be given to our near ones, dear ones, friends, and even business associates.

The tradition of flower gifting in Italy has carried on for ages. It has an entire history behind the ritual which might be of significant interest for many. The tradition has its roots back in Roman times when the Goddess of nature known as ‘Flora’ was popularized by the Emperor of Sabine – Titus. Each year, the Roman Empire celebrated the festival of flowers also known as ‘Florala’. The occasion is also presently celebrated in Italy under modern traditions while rejoicing the natural abundance of flowers it has. ‘Stylized Lily’ on this day represents the symbol of purity, innocence, and peace as its national flower.

Like many other European countries, gifting flowers or bouquets and making floral arrangements at occasions is a part of social traditions in Italy. Italians are famous as the largest importers and consumers of flowers. Moreover, they are such a nation that gives gifts quite excessively. The symbolism that is associated with flowers, their color, and the ethics of presenting them to someone in another land can be an exciting experience for all. Just as any other gift, every particular flower portrays a different meaning and is meant to be given on a particular event or occasion. Flowers to Italy Certain rules are to be followed when it comes to deciding the kind of flowers that would be best suitable for an occasion.

Before you choose flowers to be sent to your loved one in Italy, you need to know the meanings of different flowers. Failing to abide by these rules can be considered as impolite or unethical in Italy. Before Lily, the red rose was the national flower of Italy as it is thought to be perfect in terms of expressing fidelity, romance, love, admiration, good fortune, and longing. Furthermore, the bright and golden sunflowers manifest happiness, hope, pure intentions, and vigor. Lily, presently the national flower of Italy symbolizes innocence, integrity, love, and goodwill.

Buttercups promote humility and innocence while gerberas stand for playfulness hence making a cheerful atmosphere for the receiver. Orchids are one of the very famous flowers of Italy because of the luxury, strength, and love they exhibit. Carnations are added in bouquets as a bit-part player to add charm. However, they are an independent manifestation of affection, deep admiration, and good luck depending on their colors.

There are, however, certain days that are specifically meant for exchanging gifts. These occasions might as well include public holidays or even personal events such as promotion, graduation, academic achievements, housewarming, baby birth, birthday, anniversary, and many more. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Easter, Women’s Day Christmas, and New Year revolve around the auspicious courtesy of giving flowers as gifts. It is important for you to always choose flowers that are fresh and seasonal as they tend to stay longer. Also, prefer local over imports because they are likely to have greater significance. While sending flowers to Italy through an online delivery service, you must, therefore, ensure that the flowers you send are local. Local flowers are also highly appreciated on weddings, funerals, and birthdays due to their symbols.

For bright, colorful, and fresh flowers, choose an online flower delivery website that does not offer wilted or discolored ones that wear away rapidly. What could be worse than having to receive an unpleasant flower bouquet that is poorly constructed and carries wilted flowers?