The 5 Newest Trendy Baby Boy Outfits To Consider

BUBS Warehouse International is one of the most popular online shops to offer the coolest and the cutest outfits for little boys and girls. This 2018, they have released some of the trendiest outfits for baby boys. These are all from the best Australian and International Brands.

            Cool boy outfits can be bought at any shops. But if you want original and trendy outfits, you should consider BUBS Warehouse. They represent the unique brands and products directly from Australia and also from other popular brands all around the world. You can get these and they can ship them worldwide at a very reasonable price.

The Trendiest Baby Boy Outfits for 2018

 Cool boy outfits

            Baby boys should not be left out when it comes to fashion. With the cutest outfits that you can find at BUBS Warehouse, it is not easy to find outfits for your little man. So here are 5 trendy baby boy outfits to consider.


BUBS Warehouse has the best rompers that you can find online. These are one-piece outer garments that are best for baby boys. They have so many rompers to choose from. These rompers have snap buttons for easy diaper changes. The material is a cotton blend. You can easily make your baby wear this romper because of its stretchy envelope neck. It also has stretchy and soft leg binds to avoid irritation. Here are the top 5 baby rompers at BUBS Warehouse that are currently on sale, with a 22% discount.

  • Mum’s Taken Romper – $10.95
  • Daddy You Are Romper – $10.95
  • Who Needs Superheroes Romper – $10.95
  • Avocuddle Romper – $10.95
  • Mommy On My Mind Romper – $10.95


These are also called jumpsuits. It can be long sleeves, short, or even sleeveless. BUBS Warehouse has different jumpsuits that you can choose from. The shirt is normally extended past the waistline where it will be lined with either buttons or snaps that will allow you to easily close and open the diaper area. These are best for baby boys who move a lot and help keep the diaper in place. Here are the best sellers at BUBS Warehouse.

  • Racoons Jumpsuit – $17.95
  • Let’s Taco Bout It Jumpsuit – $14.95
  • Goose Feather-Blush Bodysuit – $17.95
  • Mommy Is My Bestie Jumpsuit – $14.95
  • Warm Body Jumpsuit – $21.95

Baby Pants.

BUBS Warehouse currently has a collection of baby pants. It comes in different styles and color and you have plenty to choose from. Some are gartered and others are drawstrings, depending on your preference. There are thin and thick pants perfect for any weather. Here are the top 5 baby pants at  BUBS Warehouse.

  • Cute Animal Harem Pants – $12.95
  • Stripe Harem Pants – $24.95
  • Camouflage Pants – $17.95
  • Paper Airplane Harem Pants – $17.95
  • Monster Pants – $12.95

Gentleman Set.

This set is perfect for special occasions like weddings where you need to dress up your little man. It is a one-piece set with a little red and black bow tie which also comes with a vest.  It has a button-up closure. The material is cotton blend with an O-Neck Collar.  The set is for $71.95 or for $17.99 AUD for 4 payments with AfterPay.

Hooded Boy’s Set.

 Cool boy outfits

These sets are perfect for the cold days. It’s a two-piece outfit that comes with a hooded sweatshirt and shorts or pants. You have plenty of styles and prints to choose from. It has pullover closure and made of cotton blends. It comes with a stylish hoodie that looks cool with the outfit.

  • Geometric Boys Set – $19.95
  • Blue Star Set – $19.95
  • Army Tracksuit Set – $19.95
  • Yellow Ears Hoodie Set – $19.95
  • Checkers Set – $25.95

When choosing the best outfit for your little boy, comfort should also be taken into consideration. Make sure that you check the kind of materials used. It should also be easy to wear and to change diapers to avoid any problems especially when you are out of the house or when you are traveling with your little man.