The iconic films of Studio Ghibli

Even though there are many animation studios around the world, the studio Ghibli has a best place in the history of animation. They have created more number of characters which are considered to be the best animation characters that influenced the audience to a greater extent. Even though the studio has created more number of characters, some of their characters are considered to be more memorable and close to the heart. This article is about such iconic characters created by studio Ghibli.

My Neighbour Totoro

Even though the studio has created many interesting characters and film, My Neighbour Totoro is supposed to have a magical touch. This is the reason why this animation film is stilled loved by the audience of all centers. The characters involved in this animation film are considered to be the main reason for their popularity. Even today many people are having a great craze and attention towards these characters. There are also many crazy fans who prefer to wear the t-shirts which are printed with these characters. These customized t-shirts and accessories are available for the people of all age group.

Spirited away

The other interested animation film which was launched by this studio is the spirited away. Especially the film was highly loved by the people because of No Face. This is nothing by a character which is involved in the movie. Even though this film was launched in the year 2001, the characters and the movie are stilled preferred by the crazy fans of animation films. This is the reason why the accessories which are made out of No Face Spirited Away are highly trending in the online market. People who are in need of these accessories can approach the best Ghibli store in online.

Studio Ghibli

Castle in The Sky

This is an adventurous animation movie which will be a great feast for the people who are highly interested in discovery. Even though there are many interesting characters, the movie is highly preferred for their robots. The robots involved in this movie will be tall and odd. However, they are considered to be one of the most remarkable characters made by the Ghibli Studio.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

This is another innovative invention of the Ghibli studio. Right from their launch in the year 1989, this animation movie is supposed to have some emotional bonding among the audience. The characters involved in this animation series is one of the most important reason for this animation bonding.

Apart from these, the Ghibli studio has also produced many animation movies and iconic characters which cannot be deleted from the history of animation movies. The most interesting part is they not only engage them in making movies but also the outstanding characters which paid way for their success.