Various Types Of Rice Cooker Available In The Market

Out of all the kitchen appliances, rice cooker is one of the most commonly seen devices in the houses all around the world. It is considered to be one of the key components of most kitchens in every household. This leads to a large number of productions of rice cookers by many manufacturers every year. Among the world’s total population, the Chinese and the Japanese are known to be the largest consumers of rice cookers. Even though it might not seem real, cooking rice can be tricky. Different varieties of rice require different techniques when it comes to cooking the rice. The important points to be noted when cooking rice is the amount of water to use, the temperature of the water and the pressure that is used. Rice cookers help in cooking the rice perfectly without overcooking it or burning the rice.

With the evolution of man, the devices and the equipments he/she uses have also evolved greatly. There are numerous rice cookers available in the market today. Some of its types are explained here:  in the early days, rice was cooked in a special pot that was made to cook rice.

Cooking rice in such pots were time consuming. With the modern development, rice cookers have made this task very simple and easier even for beginners. On/Off rice cookers are the simplest form of rice cookers. They are best for cooking regular white rice. The best part is it requires the user to put in the rice and the water in it and set the timer. It also keeps the rice warm with the help of a warm mode. Zojirushi rice cookers are the next in line.

They are also ideal for cooking white rice and can cook up to 15 servings in one go. Once the rice and water are added to the cooker, you will just have to flip the switch. The cooker comes without a whistle hence does not make any noise. The other type of rice cookers are those that can be programmed. These are a little more sophisticated than the automatic rice cookers. These cookers are ideal for cooking different varieties of rice like the white and the brown ones. The cooker will adjust the temperature according to the rice that is being cooked. These cookers come with an LED display which helps the user in choosing the different modes for cooking rice. These cookers are a great option for the people who are very busy yet wish to eat home cooked rice for their meals. These are some of the cooker types that are available in the stores and ricechef is the best place to find the reviews of different types of cookers.