What Makes A Good DJ Headphone?

DJ always needs to have the best headphones by their side, which can facilitate them carry off their work well and serve listeners or attendees with nothing but the best. Hence in order to get the best headphones for DJ it is important to keep the facts mentioned below.


It is important for the headphones to enable DJ listen improved quality of lows and crisp highs. The kick drums, hi hats should be clear to listen, thus enabling DJs to mix song appropriately. For DJs who are tech savvy, they can keep in mind facts mentioned below;

  1. Frequency falling within the range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz is appropriate; however one can choose to pick up a wider range.
  2. For louder lows, pick up drivers that are 40 mm
  3. It is best to pick up model with rating of 25 ohms or more for good impedance.


Choice of headphone should be made based on its durability. So pick up a product, that can be placed both on head or around the neck, can be worn on a single ear or can be handled roughly without fearing of it get damaged. Make sure to check how strong the joints or hinges are to be sure of durability of the product.


No matter when does a DJ wear the headphone, it is important to check if it is comfortable for you or not. Headband padding, or ear pads that are adjustable is the right choice to make. Rotating cups are also a good option to choose, which shall enable DJs to remain flexible while using the headphones.

Fold designing

Find out if the headphones can be folded in to a portable shape, making them appropriate to carry from one place to another. These folded headphones can be easily stuffed into bag or moved without having to fear about its damage.

Let’s you use them on one ear

One of the basic ways in which a DJ uses the headphone is, plugging the monitor speaker in one ear and then listening incoming track in the other. Hence, if you are not able to comfortably place the headphones on one ear, then they are surely not the right piece for you to pick.

Comfortable round your neck

DJs are not always willing to carry the headphones all the time on their head. They usually cue there tracks, and wipe it off from their ears to place it around the neck. So, if in case the headphone around your neck irritates you or does not suits you, then there is no point purchasing it.

Coiled cable

When in case of leisure headphones coiled cables looks inappropriate, it is a must for good DJ headphones. The basic reason behind this is, you spend most of your time in front of the gear but at times you would have to move to places distant from it. With the help of long coiled cables you would be appropriately do so and do things which are important while you are playing tracks for listeners.

Colored sound

Being a DJ I am sure you would not be interested in having an audiophile sound, instead you would need something that facilitates easy beatmatching. Thus, punchy bass or clear bids are more important than to have a headphone which produces sophisticated sounds. So, keep in mind this essential feature in headphone before finalizing the purchase.