What You Can Do With A Keepsake From Babyink

In a subjective definition, a keepsake is an object (usually small) that has a significant meaning and memory of the person that owned or got it from. It’s an object that reminds someone of a recent or an old memory they had. Everyone has a keepsake that they hold dear, that they either wear, carry or keep. It can be anything, any object at all. As long as an object reminds you of something and you keep it, it’s a keepsake.

One of the most common and popular keepsakes by parents are baby prints. It’s not just because it’s 100% oozing with cuteness, but also because, it has something that they can carry, watch and see every day that will remind them of their little angel. It’s the perfect thing to track the developmental growth of your little one and see the feet and hands grow through the prints as months go by. What can you do with baby prints exactly?

Can be the perfect carry on item: A keychain, pendant, bracelet and as an anklet. These are just a few ideas that you can possibly use baby prints with. You can carry it anywhere and can be something that can serve as your inspiration, your source of vigor and strength. Sometimes when the going gets tough and you’re just too stressed with work and life, all you need is just a little source of inspiration to continue the good fight.


Hang it on your wall: If you’re too obsessed about dedicating a whole wall for your baby’s hands and feet for her first year, then you don’t have to worry about making a mess all the time. No more paint, no more spills, and no more cleaning nightmares! Yes, that’s right! Everything will be neat and tidy, as long as you buy the product from BabyInk. It’s the world first technology that enables you to print your baby’s hands and feet without the a mess and all the nightmare that comes with it.

Make as many as you like: What can you do with BabyInk’s inkless technology? You go crazy with it. Color it and let your artistic side go all out. The customization is endless, all because it’s too easy and can bring out the creativity in any parent. If you plan to explore their color options, they do have blue, vivid pink and soft gray. They provide you with the medium and the rest is all up to you!

With Babyink.com’s world first and revolutionary inkless technology, making a keepsake out of your child’s hands and feet can be easy as 1,2,3. It allows you to be creative without the mess of paints, spills and cleaning. Now, there’s no excuse not to fill your wall with your child’s little toes and feet! Aside from that, it’s 100% safe! Non-irritant, tried and tested and makes you feel at ease. It’ easy, safe, cheap and there’s really no reason not to try it out. What more can you ask for? Get one now!