Styling the Modern Islamic woman

India is dynamically evolving and growing at a rapid rate in the modern 21st century. Technology continues to play a crucial role in this advancement. This is not only restricted to economic growth but in all facets of life. Fashion is a key sector that continues to grow with the advent of many websites and shopping apps. A fast and rising sector is the fashion for modern Islamic women; with an increased exposure to western culture, the women of Islam have become more open to trying out fashionable and comfortable clothing. With innumerable websites and apps that cater specifically to the needs of the Muslim woman, they are spoilt for choice. As more and more designers and fashion houses enter into the foray of Islamic clothing, more designs, patterns, and fabrics have made their way into what used to be more traditionally obligatory clothing wear. Traditional clothing items like abayas and hijabs have become more fashionable with it becoming more comfortable and better looking. With the influence of fashion more fusion items like casual abayas, casual hijabs and casual maxi abayas etc are all available in a wide array of colors, various comfortable fabrics, and beautiful intricate patterns. With Online shopping comes to the ease of ordering and choosing at the comfort of your home and with no hassles whatsoever, and the available options just make it that much easier.

Modest fashion is taking the world by storm, and it has truly arrived here in India. The advent of fashion has made modern abayas and hijabs look very fashionable. Sequined designs, multiple colors and some beautiful artwork make them the choice of clothing for the modern Islamic woman. Where such clothing was seen as just a matter of religious obligation and not a fashion statement, nowadays it has in-fact turned the other way around. Abayas have now become a source of individuality and creative showcase, with women expressing themselves in more and more ways. Hijabs have more than just become a veil to cover the face, with intricate patterns, varying designs and layering color schemes have made hijabs a beautiful part of an Islamic woman’s appearance. And many fusion creations such as designer casual abayas etc are also making waves in Islamic fashion. With such a rise in creativity and a bold statement being made in society, it is no wonder the modern Islamic fashion is fast becoming a sought-after market.

Boasting an impressive catalog to choose from, women are now more open to trying out new styles and making fashion statements. You can find the best abaya maxi dresses online and ready to order in almost all major shopping websites and applications. Designers are also coming into the foray of Islamic fashion and are opening up stores and catalogs to widen their consumer base. With this clear and evident rise in Islamic fashion, modern women can now express and exhibit themselves in a free-spirited manner all the while upholding their religious and spiritual beliefs in a beautiful and expressive way.