Mistakes to Avoid During First Hair Removal

Most of us don’t put much thought and effort into hair removal. And especially in this pandemic time, where social distancing has become the new norm, we may not have access to the hair removal specialists or we may choose to go for hair removal for women at home to avoid going outside. Many of you may be trying your hand first time at DIY hair removal. Regardless of which method you choose of de-fuzzing, you can make some mistakes even without realizing So, below is the list of mistakes you should avoid during your first hair removal and even the subsequent ones:

Dry Shaving

There are times when we quickly run a razor on some stray hairs present on your arms or your legs. You should spend a little more time lathering up the are to prevent razor burns and irritation. Shaving dry skin can lead to unsightly bumps and redness. Using a shaving gel or cream can help the razor to glide flawlessly on the area of the skin you want to shave.

Using a Depilatory Without Taking  a Test

Depilatories work best by dissolving hair below the skin surface. Depilatories consist of chemicals that can irritate your skin mainly if used on any sensitive areas like bikini line or face. So, it is in your best interest to test a spot first to ensure that the formula you are using suits your skin before applying it to a bigger area. You can test the depilatory formula either on the backside of your neck or inside your arm.

Mistakes to Avoid During First Hair Removal

Not Being Gentle After Waxing

Though waxing is an efficient method of hair removal, it can take a toll on the skin. So, it is important to give a little extra care to the waxed area. Don’t touch the waxed area for a few hours as touching it can clog the pores on your skin. Also, ensure to skip workout after waxing and avoid both sun exposure and overly hot showers for 24 hours at least.

Using An Old Razor

The older is your razor, the more are the chances of cuts and nicks. The older your razor gets, the duller its blade becomes. And you will need to push a dull blade harder against the skin to get rid of the hair. If the blade is not moving smoothly on the skin or you feel the hair catch in your razor’s blade, it is time to get a new razor. You can find many good razors available on the market.

Not Exfoliating

If you have ingrown hairs, it is mainly because you are not exfoliating. Dead skin cells build around the hair follicles and make it harder for your hair to grow, making them curl inside. So, ensure to exfoliate a day before waxing to prevent the irritating bumps from cropping up.